Modular synth events in the Netherlands.


Noodlebar @ Roodkapje 18.10.2014


Teilingerstraat 128
18 Oktober
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
End 03:00
Entrance: € 6

Noodlebar is celebrating it’s 2 years existence and will put out the best of the past 2 years. Expect a whole evening and night of the best in electronics.2 rooms from 21:00 till 03:00

Falafelbiels (Roffa)

Das Ding (Roffa)

Trap & Zoid (Belgium)

Jenamu6 (Roffa)

Zenn (Den Bass)

Reptile (Utrecht)
No video or promo yet

Zen.Se (Bruxhell)
No video or promo yet

Osc1899 (Roffa)

Ruistuin (Eindhoven)

Kang (La Haya)

Colloid (Delft)

Boris Scorpio (Amsterdam)

Harrold Proffessor Azzacove (La Haya)


Gries and friends (Tilburg)

Rumatov (Tilburg)

Sierra Romeo + Fraknoise (Eindhoven)

Kami Kapnobatai (Roffa)

Mono-Poly (Roffa)

Harry Plotter (Roffa)

Noodlebar @ Roodkapje 26th June


Teilingerstraat 128
June 26
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: 4 euro

IAN MARTIN (Rotterdam)
Kaleidoscopic music

Composer / Soundartist known off his collabs with Holger Czukay, Machinefabriek, Mete Erker, Scanner en Eric Vloeimans.’

Aracane Synthesizer Music that will unveil your Life’s psychic powers

Modular Jazz trio

Streaming will be done by grooveline

Aether: Maze of Sound


Aether: Maze of Sound
Maze of Sound brings artists in the visual art and performance disciplines together with artists in the field of sound and music. The program begins with a tour through the studios and courtyard of Stichting B.a.d where the visitor will find new collaborations, installations and sounds taking place live. The program continues into the night with audio- visual compositions in the main hall with international acts. Expect digital media performance, pristine electronics, dense noise, tropical beats, deep bass, drums galore, a jungle of corners to lose yourself in plus a raging fire.

Doktor Schnitt
Doktor Schnitt is an infectiously danceable three-man formation starring bassist Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva and an array of pedals, plus drummer Philipp Ernsting and percussionist Nique Quentin. With analogue drum and bass as their springboard, the three masterful gentlemen launch off into funk, electronica, jungle and ambient, all performed with a tight punk attitude.

Expect a trip from spacious ambient to experimental techno/idm. “At some point I realized I loved moving knobs and programming, more than playing with those white and black things (keys) on my synthesizers. Soon I bought my first modular synthesizer that started a never ending story. Then I met a guy called Jan who programmed self playing ‘patch noodles’ on the Clavia G2 modular. I become really passioned about self-generating patches that play stuff without any human or computer manipulation at all.”

Doron Sadja
Brooklyn (US) and Malmö (SE) based multimedia artist working primarily with multichannel spacialized sound – combining pristine electronics with lush romantic synthesizers, extreme frequencies, dense noise, and computer-enhanced acoustic instruments to create post-human, hyper-emotive sonic architecture.

Kevin Gallgher & Timmy van Zoelen
“The Sight in the Hand is the Work to be Done” is a multimedia performance of Kevin Gallagher in collaboration with Timmy van Zoelen. During the performance a story, set in the future, is told of a father and his daughter walking on a beach searching for treasures. Kevin Gallagher (US, 1986) and Timmy van Zoelen (NL, 1982) are Rotterdam based artists. They both received their MFA at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, respectively in 2013 and 2011. Next to their regular artistic practise they irregularly organise salon evenings in Café M’n Schoonmoeder’s under the name Blu Heron Social Club.

NOGOOD/SUPER are artists, cultural researchers, hoarders of funky fabulous things…AND WE ARE DJ’S. We have been around the dj-decks since 2004. Now the two of us are combining our taste for dirty bass lines and edgy ethnic styles.
We’re No Good, We’re Super, we are Nadine Stijns and Natasa Heydra.

Antje Guenther
Video Projections all night long. From the ongoing project COUNTER PROOF a first excerpt will be shown. It is questioning the influence of aesthetical impulses on theory set up / theory construction.
“Every snow crystal has an infinite beauty which is enhanced by knowledge that the investigator will, in all probability, never find another exactly alike.“ (W.A.Bentley, 1922)

Karin Trenkel
Karin Trenkel maakt voor de ruimte onder de trap de enscenering ‘Waar ben je?’ met het telefoontoestel T56 in de hoofdrol. Te zien en te horen gedurende de gehele avond, een bijzondere ervaring in het donker…
Karin Trenkel makes for the space under the stairs the staging ‘Where are you? ‘ with the phone T56 in the lead role. To see and hear during the whole evening, a special experience in the dark …

Anique Weve presents Hondenhok with Sociale Onrust
Het honden hok is natuurlijk al een beesten boel, maar nu gaat Anique Weve de collaboratie aan met twee jongen honden, Thijs Borsboom en Jim Impelmans, samen vormen zij de nieuwe Passionele Hollandse Bluespunk band “Sociale Onrust”. Zorg dat je er bij bent / past!, het wordt een oorverdovend spektakel.

Maurice Meewisse + Jordy Walker
‘Bijtel’ Maurice Meewisse hakt tijdens ‘Aether: Maze of sounds’ een boom om. Hij zal daarbij gebruik maken van verschillende hakbijlen. Jordy Walker zal tijdens het hakken muziek spelen, geïnspireerd op stromingen waarbij het fysieke en het muzikale samen komen.

Anna Mikhailova + Noortje Köhne + Kamiel Verschuren
SNåR is het kersverse samenwerkingsproject van Anna Mikailova en Noortje Köhne (altviool).
Geimproviseerde steppe landschappen en verkoolde pop riffs op KOTO en ALT VIOOL in het atelier van Kamiel Verschuren. Hij toont z”n atelier als nieuwe locatie voor optredens, exposities en andere events en zal beelden en een publicatie tonen van zijn publieke werk De Schouwplaats, open podium in het Zuiderpark Rotterdam.

Niki van Strien + Henk Bakker
“Matter expresses itself in many ways, from the simple emission of physical information to the deliberate use of melody and rhythm. The universe itself may be viewed as a grand symphony of material expressivity.” Manuel DeLanda (from: Material Expressivity)
Basclarinetist Henk Bakker zal middels een live-improvisatie de bezoeker van Niki’s atelier in het “hier en nu” brengen zodat ze met de juiste spanning (of juist ontspanning) de minimale show kunnen ervaren van haar werk.

Zaterdag 31 Mei 2014
zaal open 20:00
aanvang programma 20:30
tickets 6 euro
Stichting B.a.d
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG Rotterdam

DEAF2014 Performance: STEIM & Roodkapje



21:00 – 22:00: Steim presents: Peter Edwards & Sybren Danz. 

22:00 – 23:00 Roodkapje Rot(t)terdam presents: Noodlebar. Three musicians from the regular Roodkapje line-up: Falafelbiels, Mono-poly and Das Ding Modular.

Noodlebar @ Roodkapje 15.05.2014




Teilingerstraat 128
May 15
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: 4 euro

OSC1899 (Rotterdam)

ZENN (Den Bosch)
Modular acid techno

Soundscapes + fieldrecordings = mesmerizing drones.

FRAKNOISE (Eindhoven)
Live electronics with Theremin, Guitar and electronics

Streaming will be done by grooveline

Noodlebar @SOTU Festival

Noodlebar will have a show at SOTU festival tonight. The OCCII will host us starting from 20:00



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